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“Working with the very best in Oil & Gas Services”

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ABNL is a 100% owned indigenous firm. ABNL Ltd. was incorporated in 1992, as an Oil and Gas servicing company, with a vision to provide professional engineering and technical services to the Oil and Gas exploration and production companies in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. Since its incorporation the company has grown in leaps and bound, expanding its business horizon but still within the Oil and Gas sector.   READ MORE

Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works that meets all your needs.
Operation of Oil and Gas Fields

ABNL is a leading name in the operation of Oil and Gas Fields, with state of the art oil & gas field operations and production methods.

Manpower Supply

ABNL has the ability to source and recruit both locally and overseas the most qualified personnel in all fields of Engineering and Office Support/Administration.

Project Management

ABNL Limited specializes in the provision of cost effective project management solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Engineering & Fabrication

ABNL provides engineering services for all phases of Oil & Gas Production facilities, Power plants, Refinery and Process equipment package solutions.

What We Do.

We understand your requirement and provide quality services inline with your company needs.


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Community Relations

Our Services

“Working with the very best in Oil & Gas Services”


ABNL is a full service multi-discipline engineering company providing project management, engineering & design, process control & automation, pipeline, construction management & inspection, commissioning supervision, operations & maintenance support services to the petroleum industry…. READ MORE


ABNL has the ability to source and recruit both locally and overseas the most qualified personnel in all fields of Engineering and Office Support /Administration….. READ MORE


ABNL offers a wide range of quality procurement services to meet the ever-increasing demands within the industry. Our services are setup to provide impeccable and reliable delivery to our clients in the fastest possible time and cost effective way. ABNL is a major supplier of oil field equipment and materials……READ MORE


ABNL being conscious of the rising wave of environmental awareness in the world and in Nigeria in particular, has as an integral part of its’ policy, a total commitment to conservation of the environment. ABNL Environmental Services is accredited by the Federal Ministry of the Environment (FME)    READ MORE



Indigenous Petroleum Industry Services Company with Global Reputation for Innovations and excellence


Our mission is to build   a prosperous, diversified petroleum service companies, characterized by indigenous professionalism, integrity and commitment to excellence in the development of Nigerian Oil and Gas Resources.

Community Relations

We encourage the full participation of our host community in the execution of projects.

It is the policy of ABNL Ltd. to foster good and conducive working relationship with the communities in which it has projects to execute. ABNL shall endeavor to carry out its work in a manner that will not in any way place the host community in danger. ABNL recognizes the unique and all-important position of the host communities to the successful completion of any project. ABNL strives to do all that is reasonably possible to ensure that relationship with the host community remains cordial and mutually beneficial.

Why ABNL limited?


From Onshore to Offshore, we know what it takes and we’re there to help you deliver value on your investment.

Client Satisfaction

We’ve got the talents, the people and the expertise to meet all your oil & gas production and processing requirements.


We strive to maintain and even improve on our customers’ budgets and schedule, meeting all your Fast Track needs without compromising quality.


We have the brightest minds and have formed a strategic alliance with the very best in the Global Oil and Gas industry.


Timely and effective transfer of technology to Nigerian professionals in areas of Design Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation, Construction, Commissioning……………..


Engineer the highest safety and quality standards into all our facilities and operations.

Our Objectives

In our offices, to actualise our vision and mission, we have set for ourselves the following objectives: -
  • We promote and employ in Nigeria the best available, effective environmental technologies that comply with the most stringent environmental standards in the World.
  • We increase the local content of our business to a maximum possible.
  • We Engineer the highest safety and quality standards into all our facilities and operations.
  • We work proactively with our various projects host communities.


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