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About Us

Working with the very best in Oil & Gas Services

ABNL Ltd. was incorporated in 1992, as an Oil and Gas servicing company, with a vision to provide professional engineering and technical services to the Oil and Gas exploration and production companies in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. Since its incorporation the company has grown in leaps and bound, expanding its business horizon but still within the Oil and Gas sector.

ABNL is a 100% owned indigenous firm, with a shareholding in excess of 100 million Naira. Its’ directors are individuals of proven integrity, who over the years have acquired the requisite experience in the Oil and Gas business, as well as in the banking and finance sector. The integrity of the directors and the staff of the company have been a priceless contributive factor in the growth and wellbeing of the company.

In adherence to our motto – “Working with the very best in Oil & Gas Services”, ABNL has put together a strategic alliance group to meet all the requirements of your EPIC contracts, Technical Training / Human Resource development, and Environmental Protection Management.

The ABNL Strategic Alliance is backed with over $3 billion in asset and over 36 years of extensive oil field operations experience and a solidly established infrastructure in Nigeria. These make the ABNL Alliance an unbeatable “ONE SOURCE” onshore/offshore production facilities supplier.


Health, Safety and Environment

At ABNL Limited, our commitment to health, safety and environment (HSE) is paramount. We believe that HSE is a key indicator of organizational excellence and sustainability of our business and that production, quality and HSE are among the most important goals in our industry.

We drive our HSE culture through strong leadership and the involvement of all our employees to ensure we will not compromise our HSE values. We consistently seek means to meet or exceed regulatory environmental compliance.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

It is our policy to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services, which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients.

We always perform our services to the highest level of quality and professionalism that consistently fulfills the requirements and expectations of clients and stakeholders.

Community Relations

It is the policy of ABNL Ltd. to foster good and conducive working relationship with the communities in which it has projects to execute. ABNL shall endeavor to carry out its work in a manner that will not in any way place the host community in danger.

ABNL recognizes the unique and all-important position of the host communities to the successful completion of any project. ABNL strives to do all that is reasonably possible to ensure that relationship with the host community remains cordial and mutually beneficial.