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Procurement Services

Our Core competencies

  • Casings and Tubing (OCTGs)
  • Cargo Handling Units/Container Baskets
  • Heavy Duty Generators and Instruments/Materials
  • Marine/Diving and Pipeline Equipment
  • Pipes/Tubes/Hoses and Fittings
  • Marine and High Pressure Hoses
  • Valves and Accessories
  • Pumps and Compressors

We understand that our customers demand more than just supply of equipment and material. They need a partner with a comprehensive service network and spare parts to provide them with installation, preventative maintenance, supplies and on-site service. Our After Sales Support department with a competent team of technicians, installers and spare parts specialists are available to meet all your service needs.

ABNL as a major supplier of oil field equipment and materials. We have established strong relationships with a huge array of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), manufacturers Reps in US and worldwide such as Corus International ltd (TATA Steel), Mackay Equipment, Oil States, Ingersoll rand, Rosemount and Techcrane, Flowserve, Toromount, Ariel Compressor and have the capability to procure from any OEM worldwide. Our genuine equipment/material supplies are backed up by OEM warranty and sturdy performance.

With nearly two decade of experience in technical spare parts supply to oil & gas industry, ABNL understands the need to keep client operation running and this demands strict supply of spare parts in terms of on-time delivery. For this reason, we ensure that the right equipment spare parts are delivered as quickly as possible by our dedicated after sales support team. We maintain stock account with many OEM, and can quickly support urgent delivery when needed.

  • ABNL have the capability to assist client to monitor and control its material level so that client can spend less time worrying about parts shortages and supply turnaround.
  • We have the expertise to focus on having the right parts in stock always and provide appropriate information in a timely manner that relates
  • Within the past few years, ABNL dedicated procurement team has handled specific project supply both in Nigeria and Oversea.
  • We have the capability to work with any project team worldwide and deliver targeted procurement services, including but not limited to, ordering, inspection, tracking, FAT test etc to enhance project delivery timing at a cost saving way.
  • We focus on functionality, operational effectiveness, low cost maintenance, energy conservation and technology advances to maximize benefit to our clients.
  • We can assist clients to inspect and appraise new or used equipment anywhere in the world and provide independent advice from the supplier.

What We Actually Do

ABNL Global offers a wide range of quality procurement services to meet the ever-increasing demands within the industry. Our services are setup to provide impeccable and reliable delivery to our clients in the fastest possible time and cost effective way. ABNL is a major supplier of oil field equipment and materials back-up with strong relationships with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as buying houses worldwide. With a dedicated procurement team, as well as warehousing and stock holding capabilities, ABNL has become a leading supplier of choice to most of the major international oil companies in Nigeria.

Our work effort is supported by unique approaches and sophisticated in-house data management system. Our services are client centered, comprehensive, on-budget and on-time.

We partner with reputed Inspection agencies, Freight forwarders and Custom Clearing Companies to ensure that our schedule remains realistic and advantageous. To-date we have over one hundred OEMs/Manufacturers Reps worldwide in our data base and our full co-ordination of supplies have brought immeasurable smiles to our clients.

We Solve All Your Problem